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The children wanted a meat breed different from the New Zealand and Californian shown at our livestock show. Our daughter, Kasey, researched commercial meat breeds and decided on the Palomino. We have Charles & Cece Wall of Missouri City to thank for getting the kids started in full-time, active breeding of the Palomino. Since then we have established our herd with an Oklahoma/Texas bloodline from three wonderful ladies... Deb Morrison, Sharon Pellham, and Carolyn Wright. You will find "Pal" breeders very willing to help.

The Palomino is a beautiful breed of rabbit. There is the dusty fawn color called Lynx, but we raise just the Golden variety. The ideal gold color is "wheat." We have dark, medium, and light Golden colors. But type, or body conformation, is always the first consideration.

Palominos are a commercial meat breed. They have a smaller bone structure than other meat breeds, so you get a higher ratio of meat on the carcass. Bucks grow up to 8-10 pounds, and the does up to 9-11 pounds. Palominos take longer to mature, but it is worth the wait when you have a great rabbit. They are very gentle rabbits even though they are too big to hold all the time.

Palominos are paired for breeding depending on the results wanted:

1. Show Pals are bred for "big rears." The shoulders grow last, but will be in proportion to the rest of the body.
2. Meatpen Pals are bred specifically for big shoulders because this is the last feature to develop on a Pal. Once they reach 4-6 months of age, they generally cannot compete as SHOW entries. By Show, or Breed Standard, they will be too wide in the shoulders without a gentle slope out toward the hindquarters.

We have different cage sizes for the Palominos. Bucks are in 24x24 cages; fryers rotate between 20x20 growing cages and 24x30 cages. Does kindle (give birth) in nestboxes in 24x30 cages; however, when the babies are about 21 days old, the family is moved to a 24x36 cage. Rotating cage assignments seems to give all fryers equal opportunities to develop to their potential maturity.


Palomino Links
PRC-BA ~ Palomino Rabbit Co-Breeders Association
National organization with great information on raising this lovely breed
"Be a Pal to the Pals"
Deb Morrison, Secretary
Membership Application 284 KB PDF
SPRBA ~ Southern Palomino Rabbit Breeders Association
Texas organization of Palomino breeders

Carolyn Wright, Secretary
Membership Application

Knock 'Em Out Rabbitry ~ Donyelle Schultz

Yahoo Groups ~ Palomino Breeders & Friends


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